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Movies Between Your Legs

January 18th 2008 01:38
movie titles between your legs
OK here's the rules.. Think up a movie title (ANY movie title), and add "Between Your Legs" to the movie title.
See if you can come up with any more!!

You Can't Stop The Music Between Your Legs

Forest gump between your legs

The good, the bad and the ugly between your legs

Rush Hour Between Your Legs

Gone with the wind Between your legs

Finding Nemo Between your legs

Mad MAx Between your legs

Armageddon Between your legs

300 Between your legs

Dirty Dancing Between your legs...

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Between Your Legs

Midnight Express Between your legs

Training Day Between your legs

Cruel Intentions Between your Legs

Final Fantasy Between your legs

The Abyss Between your legs

Groundhog Day Between Your Legs

Blow between your legs

48 Hours Between Your Legs

The Fly between your legs

The Lost Boys between your legs

Gladiator between your legs!

I Know What You Did Last Summer between your legs!

Better Off Dead between your legs!

SNATCH between your legs!

The Mexican between your legs!

Dirty Dancing between your legs!

How to make an American Quilt between your legs!

The Nightmare before Christmas between your legs!

First Blood between your legs!


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17 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by JohnDoe

January 18th 2008 02:23
Well my mind is appropriately numbed at the moment so i think i should play along:

The Thing
Between Your Legs
Hard Candy between your legs
Heat between your legs
Scarface between your legs
Virus Between Your Legs
Jaws between Your Legs
Salo: 120 days of Sodom Between Your Legs
The Sword in The Stone between Your Legs
Death Wish between Your Legs
The Getaway Between Your Legs
Deliverance between Your Legs
Kiss Kiss bang bang between Your Legs

Ok I had better stop now I could sit here all day, which is a bad thing.

Comment by Anonymous

January 18th 2008 02:35

Comment by Louie

January 18th 2008 04:24
awesome friday laugh

Comment by Anonymous

January 20th 2008 09:01
August Rush Between Your Legs!
Flushed Away Between Your Legs!
Sound of Music Between Your Legs!
Mission Impossible Between Your Legs!
Dare Devil Between Your Legs!

Comment by Anonymous

January 22nd 2008 11:32
Double Impact Between Your Legs!
Shooter Between Your Legs!
Live Feed Between Your Legs!
Bait Between Your Legs!
Batman Returns Between Your Legs!
Wind Chill Between Your Legs!
Boiler Room Between Your Legs!
and it goes on and on and on..

Comment by Anonymous

February 7th 2008 09:26
Resident Evil Between Your Legs
I am Legend Between Your Legs
Fight Club Between Your Legs

Comment by Anonymous

February 8th 2008 07:17
Alien Between Your Legs
Paths of Glory Between Your Legs
Sin City Between Your Legs
American Beauty Between Your Legs
Million Dollar Baby Between Your Legs
Heat Between Your Legs
Crash Between Your Legs
Twelve Monkeys Between Your Legs
King Kong Between Your Legs
The Lion King Between Your Legs
The Lost Weekend Between Your Legs
The Lady Vanishes Between Your Legs
Into the Wild Between Your Legs
There Will be Blood Between Your Legs

Comment by danny bailey

February 8th 2008 09:09
green fingers between your legs

Comment by Jordan 2K8

February 8th 2008 09:12
eight leged freaks between your legs

Comment by danny bailey

February 8th 2008 09:12
the king and i between your legs

Comment by danny bailey

February 8th 2008 09:13
superbad between yuor legs

Comment by Jordan 2K8

February 8th 2008 09:14
im super bad between yuor legs

Comment by danny bailey

February 8th 2008 09:14
spider man between your legs

Comment by danny bailey

February 8th 2008 09:16
evolution between your legs

Comment by Anonymous

February 8th 2008 09:47

Saw between your legs

Comment by Anonymous

February 8th 2008 13:23
happy feet between your legs
john tucker must die between your legs
10 things I hate about you between your legs
Deja Vu between your legs
the golden compass between your legs
the lookout between your legs
raise your voice between your legs
the perfect man between your legs
The holiday between your legs
saw 3 between your legs
see no evil between your legs
perfect stranger between your legs
my super ex girlfriend between your legs
little shop of horrors between your legs
hairspray between your legs
superman returns between your legs
spiderman between your legs
seven between your legs
the atonement between your legs
holes between your legs
an inconvenient truth between your legs
grease between your legs
king kong between your legs
flying high between your legs
view from the top between your legs
clerks between your legs

Comment by Anonymous

February 10th 2008 20:03
hot fuzz between ur legs
Grease between ur legs and
the great escape between ur legs

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